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Access water and sanitation

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Water and sanitationIn the underprivilaged countries, more than a billion people do not have access to sufficient quantity and quality of water, as well as sanitation facilities which is a vital need. Thus, since the creation of the association, Codegaz placed this area of activity as its prority actions.

On the other hand, the international findings show that the 80% of population concerned by the lack of water and sanitation facilities are based in rural areas. It is mainly where CODEGAZ leads its facilities projects in a dozen of Asian and African countries including borewell, wells, water supply, basins, rain water storage, , reservoirs,drainage pipelines, construction of toilets, water filtration systems. Since 1989, CODEGAZ has completed over 1000 works in collaboration with its institutional and private partners, as well as with the GDF SUEZ Group’s entities.

CODEGAZ particularly make efforts to ensure the quality and durability of equipments by implementing the following measures: technical supervision of projects by the professionals of CODEGAZ, analysis of produced water, training of local maintainance staff and contracts, the constitution and functioning of water management committees, the controling activities of the CODEGAZ team.