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Sustainable development

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Sustainable developmentThe general positioning of CODEGAZ in regard with its activities is to realize the integrated programs that include, whenever possible, all the factors of a sustainable development approach:

  • Integration of the four basic domains of development : access to water, nutrition, health and education
  • Implementation of complimentary components for the mico-economic developments of the population, especially the weakest section of the society (rural migration of the young people, female condition)
  • Coordination with local administrative authorities
  • Involvement of the benefitting population to their own development
  • Environmental protection
  • Security of workers of service companies
  • Priority to renewable energy

The results from the sustainable development apprach of CODEGAZ concern several domains; this approach has some important repercutions, particularly in terms of local employment in relation with the development programs of CODEGAZ:

  • Creating direct or indirect employments (construction and exploitation of skills)
  • Faciliting the creation of micro- economic activities (local initiatives)