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International Youth Day

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groupeenfantsavril204CODEGAZ celebrates International Youth Day
"Youth is the future of man" Young people aged 15 to 24 account for one sixth of the world population.
The majority of them live in developing countries and the number is expected to increase substantially during this century. 
Since 2000, the International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12.
The objective of this day is to promote, especially among young people, the Global Programme of Action for Youth set up by the UN in the year 2000 and beyond. (declined at the national and / or regional, depending on the country).
Tdscn2420his program encourages the promotion of young people in ten priority areas:
- Education
- Employment,
-malnutrition and poverty
- Environment,
- Abusing drugs and drug use,
- Juvenile delinquency
- Recreation,
- Girls and young women
- Full participation of youth in the life of society and decision-making.
This is also an opportunity to draw international attention to the challenges and hardships faced by young people today face.
CODEGAZ joins this day, as it carries out its work for children and young people according to the objectives of this program. The association includes them at every opportunity because children are agents of change and will be the adults of tomorrow's society. It works in Africa, Asia and Europe for:
street children (project work of building a visitor center, educational establishment)
- working children, disabled and school failure (support and financial assistance, access to education)
- school children (school construction, furniture equipment, collecting and donating supplies)
- children without families (sponsorship)

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