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International Day indigenous people . Defense of human rights

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femmesenfantsbriquesIndigenous peoples have preserved their customs and cultural characteristics, their traditional knowledge and their ancestral lands. They are at least 5,000 different groups and many different cultures.
Over the last thirty years, they have greatly displaced from their traditional lands to the cities in search of employment, but also because of violations and abuses of human rights, including the rights to their lands and cultural survival.
Since 1994, the International Day of August 9 is devoted to them, to protect their rights. Preserving the integrity of the people has always been a priority CODEGAZ, through actions that it develops in the world.

There are currently more than 370 million indigenous people in some 70 countries spread across 5 continents, where they are usually discriminated against and excluded from political and economic powers. These populations can be displaced by war and ecological disaster, evicted from their ancestral lands and private lands essential for their physical and cultural survival resources. Their traditional knowledge is sometimes marketed and patented without their consent and without their participation.
masaiisouriants 25072013The theme of the 2014 intended to highlight the importance of the implementation of the rights of indigenous peoples through the implementation of policies and programs, both nationally and internationally.
It is also to strengthen international cooperation for solving problems faced by these populations in areas such as human rights, environment, development, education and health. The coordinator of this action is the major international United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights