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Pursuing the action to Madagascar

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foragemadagascarDuring the month of May, a team of volunteers CODEGAZ went to Madagascar to assess the implementation of several programs under which sustainable access to safe drinking water.
In this context, they carried out an audit of the park drinking water wells located in Fort Dauphin - existing and new - made ​​since 2007 with the partners' Community of Agglomeration Rouen Elbeuf Austreberthe "(CREA) and" Friends of 'Oissel. "

forageancienThe team met with the beneficiaries to make them aware of new rules for maintenance and hygiene of these works. Finally, they visited an experimental site of micro-irrigation.
On all 14 wells already constructed and used, the items are generally aged well and are properly maintained.
The beneficiaries are satisfied with the quality of water, proper hygiene and governance by committees of management paid (often consisting of women)
However, for some drilling progress is to be implemented to anticipate any problems and / or failure to perform small maintenance repairs to protect and ensure the cleanliness of access and for the contributions of the villagers in time and time.
3 new drilling Nosibe CBS, Tanamasy and Soanierana built in 2013 is ready to use for a very short time.
forageneufThe first is primarily intended to supply a new clinic and meet the needs of the surrounding population. However, water has an excess of nitrate dangerous for very young children, this problem must be resolved quickly.
The second allows three villages to supply drinking water from this source; 3 people are trained to the maintenance and creation of the Management Committee.
The third book is itself consistent and fully meets the needs of the village population.
A program of three new wells in villages, access and quality are clearly insufficient drinking water, is already set for 2014.