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panneaux solairesanglaisToday, from 1.4 to 2 billion people, according to estimates, have not the collective or individual access to electricity.
Approximately 85% of "non-current" live in rural areas in remote areas far from existing networks, mainly in Africa but also in Southeast Asia.
A striking figure: the African continent and its billion people have the same installed power than Spain, 21 times less populated.
Yet Africa is full of oil, coal, rivers and sun.

It should operate as a priority locally available resources, which is why CODEGAZ favors renewable energy projects in energy access

· Fight against global warming and deforestation
· Sensors solar heat
·p1040055 m Improved solar cookers and fireplaces (Download presentation Solario used in Burkina Faso)
· Experiments of:
biogas (methane or anaerobic digestion of biodegradable waste that the most common sources are the storage of organic matter voluntary or involuntary)
biochar (charcoal crushed wood, used to enhance or restore the soil)
biomass (organic material from plants (including algae), animal or fungus can become a source of energy by combustion (eg fuelwood) after anaerobic